Slime blog

As you guys might already know my name is Natalie. If you don’t well welcome I’m Natalie. What you are reading right now is a blog about what you ask? Well this is a slime blog. In this slime blog I will show you girls and guys different techniques and ways to make slime. I will also show you guys any slime I make and tell you guys what the recipe is. The main materials anyone should know about making slime is liquid glue and borax. But quess what you don’t need that. What you can also use is…..(read the next post to find out). If you haven’t already ask why a slime blog when theirs so many thing to blog about? (You might not think that but oh well) I made this a slime blog because I really enjoy slime. I have so so many slimes I can’t even keep track. Yeah yeah I do like other thing but I love slime more than anything. My favorite type of slime is floam slime, I love how you can shape it and its so smooth. What’s your?


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