Top 10 favorite slimes

Wecome back! In today’s blog I will be telling you guys about my top 10 favorite slimes. Let get started…..


10. (Putty) This is an image of putty slime this is my least favorite because it is very unstreachy. This can happen by using strong glue.



9. (Ice berg) Ice berg slime is basicly normal slime that you leave open for days so you can crack it. I don’t like this one because it is also one week of waiting and I am not that patient.


8. (Glitter) This slime has lots of glitter to make it sparkle and all that glitter goes in your fingers and makes a mess. But it is really sparkly. ✨





7. (Glow in dark) Glow in the slime containes the sticks which are bad for your hands. After a while they don’t work anymore.


6. (Metallic) This slime is very unstreachy because the paint. It may also lose its color.


5. (Fluffy)  This slime is really fluffy and looks like a marshmallow. It is really smooth in your hands.




4. (Classic) This slime is plain except you can change the color. It is also like ooblek


3. (Crunchy) Cunchy slime sounds like if your breaking something. It is very loud because of the beads.


2. (Bubblegum) Bubble gum slime is really really stretchy. It looks like bubblegum and make me want bubblegum.



1. (floam) floam slime is like play dough because you can shape it. It also is lots of fun.




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