How to make slime

Hey guys today I am going to show you guys how to make slime. The materials you will need are liquid glue, Borax( you can also use tide, contact solution, or liquid starch), food coloring (optional) you can also use Ā paint, something to mix in your materials, something to mix with, lotion to make it stretchy(optional), foaming hand soap to make it bubbly (optional), and shaving cream to make it fluffy (optional). Let’s begin! First you are going to pour your glue inside of your bowl. Next you will add in your food coloring. After that, you are going to add in your foaming hand soap, shaving cream, and lotion. Then you are going to mix all of those. Lastly you are going to add in your activator. After you mix it for like 2 or 3 minutes you want to start knitting it with your hands and put it in a container so it doesn’t dry out. Check out the video below of me making slime. Bye now!





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