School life😟


This post is off on what this blog is about but I still wanted to write about it. This are some goals I want to achieve after high school and a quick question “If I wasn’t in school I’d be doing…” So hope you find it intresting. If I wasn’t in school I’d be doing nothing and not being able to achieve my goals in life. I would be not making my family proud of me. Some Other thing I would be doing if I wasn’t in school is i would not proud of myself because I’m failing my own life. If I wasn’t in school I would not have met my BFF and other friends. I would have been not be able to get my dream job as a vet because I didn’t go to school. If I wasn’t in school I wouldn’t be able to go to college. If I wasn’t in school wouldn’t have everything I have right now because I’m not making my family happy/proud. If I wasn’t in school I wouldn’t know how to write good sentences and write to you guys.

After high school I’ll be working at a job after school so I can make my own money and not ask my mom every time, also saving up for college. I would be looking for a good college to study for my career. I would be thinking of what classes I want to take.  I would come together as a family with my older cousins to buy my grandparents and mom a big house for all of us to live in. Some other thing I will be doing after high school is going to different places to not get bored all the time. I will want to travel to Mexico so I can explore Mexico and take my whole family to see again where they once lived and loved. After high school my goal is to is explore some new places around the world and be in at least 4 new states. After high school I want to keep writing in this blog and change the topic of the blog. That’s all hope you guys found this intresting and liked it, bye now.


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